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Monday, 18 February 2019

2019 February - Holi Boli Staff Medical

It was really awesome to have some very very qualified nurses (holding masters degrees and many years experience) come and visit us at Holi Boli from New Zealand.  We all took turns to have a medical check up.  We all had our Blood Pressures done and number of other tests.  We answered a lot of questions.  Fortunately, we are all pretty healthy.  Our results are all on file for the next check up and we can see if anything has changed.

We also had a great chat about 'girls stuff'. This time we asked the questions.  There was a fair bit of nervous giggling but it is all important things to discuss.  A bit thank you to Melissa and Nora who were kind enough to visit us and share their skills while on tour in India.

Melissa and Nora in Holi Boli at Taj

Saturday, 22 December 2018

2018 December - Holi Boli Christmas Picnic

All in the van with our equipment
Every year we go on our annual Holi Boli Christmas Picnic.  We load up the van with people, uncooked food, pots and firewood.  There is not a single space left in the van.  We are peas in a pod bursting at the seems.  I am not sure that it meets western safety standards but it does meet our standard of fun.  LOL.  We drive down to the local river and find us a great space where we can cook and eat together.  All us women have a great time together, lots of laughter and good yarns.  I think we all appreciate being away from the everyday grind and being together.  It is definitely a camaraderie of women.  Even thought it is a bit of an effort it is worth it!

Just a short walk to our favourite spot
Preparation of the food
The best part.  Eating the food.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

2018 December - Graduation

Another awesome class of graduates from the Holi Boli Sewing Centre.  We teach stitching, pattern making and designing to students.  Most of them take these new skills and get work.  We even get to hire a few of them at Holi Boli for our clothing manufacture side.

Graduates of December 2018
The course runs for 4 months.  The students learn the very basics such as cutting with scissors and threading needles and progress through to the more complicated details for designing, pattern making and grading.  Each student has her own machine in class.  The practice on treadle machines which are the most common in India but we do supply electric machines for learning for those who are keen to try it.  The student feedback at graduation is always about how confident they have become, not only with their sewing, but in themselves also.  We hear stories about how students have received compliments from fathers and mothers-in-law about their new sewing skills who have never giving compliments before.  It always brings out a few tears for us all.

It's a great job.  Our sewing teachers, Nini and Banita, do a wonderful work.  How satisfying to be part of a work that encourages sisters to empower other sisters!  Love it!

Sunday, 2 September 2018

2018 September - New Zealand Fashion Week with Tonic & Cloth

The New Zealand Fashion Week was a real blast.  A dream come true thanks to Tonic & Cloth who choose to partner with Holi Boli to make their clothes ethically with sustainable materials.  We are really proud to be working with Tonic & Cloth as they stand for empowering the women and our planet.  Jodie has passionately poured her life into getting her label up and running and it has been a privilege to partner with her. Check out the Good Sustainable Fashion Show at NZ Fashion Week 2018 sponsored by Good Magazine.

Please have a gander at her online store that has just opened - www.tonicandcloth.co.nz

Here are some snaps of the clothes and the fun we had at the NZFW2018:

And now for the photos of the awesome Tonic & Cloth garments (now available online):