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Saturday, 17 March 2018

2018 February March Fun


Sisters supporting sisters - the grand opening.

Two graduates of the Holi Boli Sewing School started their own sewing shop in a nearby village.  These are the success stories that make teaching sewing so worth it.  It was such an honour to load up the van with Holi Boli staff and go and support the grand opening of the new store.  Well done ladies!  Living empowered!


Being inspired 

It was good fun to stop work for a few hours and be amazed at the skills of a fabric artist whose needlework left us breathless.  We really hope that in the future we can use such beautiful art in our dresses at Holi Boli. So beautiful!  Thanks guys for taking the time to come and visit us at Holi Boli and show us your amazing skills.


Swimming in Hirakud Dam with our Freeset friends

We had a very fun time with some of our heroes from Kolkata from Freeset (check out their awesome business by clicking here). We are making a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for one of the Freeset staff.  We are super excited to be working with Freeset cloth and plan to work more with their beautiful organic cotton in the future.  We have been inspired continually by the Freeset crew and their dedication to Freedom business in West Bengal.  Absolute Heroes!

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