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Monday, 16 July 2018

2018 July - What have CHICKEN EGGS got to do with it?

Ethical and sustainable are buzzy words at the moment.  It seems that many people like the idea of buying ethical and sustainable.  Fair trade is an important brand these days.  Many of us want to know that we are not harming our planet or the life on the planet with the purchases we make.  In my last blog I wrote about the important part we play as consumers and the role that business has in giving consumers the choice to be ethical and sustainable (of course sustainable is part of being ethical and vice-versa).  It is such a buzz at the mo that the New Zealand Fashion Week is having a section on sustainable fashion which Holi Boli is super proud to be a part of through Tonic & Cloth.

Check out the Tonic & Cloth articles in Good Magazine and in Stuff.co.nz

Free Range Chicken Eggs (source: BBC)
So, what has CHICKEN EGGS got to do with it?

Well, it seems that we want ethical and sustainable practices in theory.  We are ready to sign a petition or protest but we are not ready to open our wallets.  According the story I was reading this morning in Stuff.co.nz, "we want free range eggs right up to the point of buying them."  Businesses are listening to the petitions and protesting but we are not backing them up.  We need to open our wallets to make a difference.   The chicken eggs make this point. 

Protesting Caged Chickens (source: Stuff.co.nz)

Of course, I know that we are not all millionaires. And I would agree that the ultimate, in the case of the chickens, is leave the animals alone.   I don't want to argue those points right now.  The point I making now is that we want ethical/sustainable practices in business but we don't want to buy the products of the ethical/sustainable business. Let's change this trend.  Most of us can afford ethical/sustainable options without breaking us financially, if you are not in that camp then I am not preaching at you.  

I believe that right choices, making the tougher calls, are ultimately more satisfying.  I wrote a few years ago about the importance of the ethical/sustainable business to focus on quality and treating our customers like heroes (because when you make the tougher calls to open your wallet you are a hero - like a real life Captain Planet).  That means ethical/sustainable businesses must take leading roles in quality and not expect our heroes to pay more for less quality and poorer service.

Captain Planet (source: tumblr)

Holi Boli plug moment;  at Holi Boli we aim to make clothes that last!  That you can wear over and over.  Quality clothing is a part of the sustainable package because you can hand good clothes on when you are finished with them and the next wearer feels as awesome as you.  We are risk free - if you don't like your Holi Boli product we will exchange it or give you your money back (so long as you haven't worn them out and about).  We expect to provide you with the best quality clothes (we wrote about that too). We want you, our hero customers, to feel as empowered as we do when you buy our products.  That is ethical! Holi Boli products are awesome quality - guaranteed.

We make a difference.  Make ethical and sustainable be more than buzz words.  Lets open our hearts and wallets.  If you have to eat eggs, eat free range.  If you have to wear clothes, wear ethical clothes, wear sustainable clothes.  Be a hero, empower women, empower the planet and empower the free range chickens!

www.holiboli.com  - our dresses are made with love so you will love wearing them!  We empower women in rural Indian through ethical / sustainable fashion.  We run vocational training for women giving them the freedom to make choices and to have status in their village.  Do you want to buy a dress?  

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