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Necklace FAQs

1.     How many necklaces are in packet?  3 necklaces in every packet except for the 'Fancy Necklaces' where there is only 1 necklace in a packet.

2.     How can I pay for my necklaces?  We will send you a Holi Boli invoice to your email and you can pay through Paypal or our other credit card options. We will accept internet banking also in some circumstances (ask us to find out).

3.     Why can’t I buy these on the Holi Boli site?  We ran into some difficulties offering one product range as free shipping and another with shipping charges.  This is our way of offering these amazing necklaces while we keep on exploring our options to tidy up shipping charges issue.  Basically, we were going to break the internet by having shipping charges on some products and not others.

4.     Do I have to pay shipping if I buy necklaces with a Holi Boli dress?  No.  So, long as you order your necklaces at the “Your Shopping Cart” page when you buy your dress or email us straight away your necklace order.  We will put the necklaces in your dress parcel for you with no shipping cost.  You can find our women’s garment store at www.holiboli.com

5.     Can I place a really large order?  Yes.  We would love that.  You can let us know the details of your order and we will give you a delivery date and work out appropriate shipping terms.

6.     Can I on-sell the necklaces?   Yes.  That would be great and very helpful.

7.     Can I choose what colour necklaces I want?  No.  Apart from the 'Fancy Necklaces' where you get the necklace that you order, the basic necklaces come in packets of 3 assorted colours.  You may ask us to try to find a packet with a particular colour and we will try our best but we cannot make promises.

8.     Why do the 'Fancy Necklaces' have only one necklace in a packet?   They take more time to make and have 'fancier' components so ultimately the cost more to construct.

9.     How long will it take to receive my order?  We tell people 3 weeks but it is actually usually less than that.  Most orders take about 10 days but of course it depends on where you live and the time of the year.  There is a big festival in our part of India in October and of course the rest of the world experiences slower post in December.

10. What if I do not like my necklaces?  Email us the issue and we will do our best to sort you out.  We will always try to leave you satisfied.  However, please know that we will not be able to refund the shipping component of the cost (if it comes to refund). See Holi Boli Returns policy here 

11. Who is making the necklaces?  Our friends who live in villages in the Hills of Jeypore, Odisha make the necklaces.  They come into Jeypore and work under an Indian approved registered society and make the necklaces.  We have seen their working conditions and meet the ladies personally.  Holi Boli is excited to be working with these ladies.  You can always message us or email us to find out more.

More questions?  Feel free to email us at holiboli@live.com

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